Established more than 10 years ago, Training Systems Australia has become the major source of automotive and electro-technologies training equipment for TAFE, RTOs and Technical Schools.

Pullman Academic has sourced wonderful and engaging teaching products from the UK so that teachers of Science and Maths subjects can access world leading edge material for their classrooms.

ECA Group is engaged in the design and manufacture of road simulators. As a pioneer in the simulation industry ECA Group offers a wide range of simulators from light to heavy vehicle and motorbikes for both military and civilian applications.

Pullman Group
The Pullman Learning Group, based in Melbourne, delivers high quality and innovative training products to educational institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Key to all of our products is “Learning by Doing”. Quite simply we believe that if a person can experience something then that person will never forget the lesson. For that reason we work with some of the finest developers in the world who have produced products and systems designed to make teaching easier and learning more engaging.
Our three businesses work in different markets through education and industry but each is dedicated to the concept of helping institutions deliver Better Learning Outcomes which is our motto. As each student learns something new, experiences something for the first time or reinforces a previous lesson, then that student is well on their way to achieving their goals.
Training Systems Australia is the leading provider of technology related training resources covering a wide range of vocational and technical skills. Many of Australia’s leading TAFE Colleges have installed automotive training equipment and courseware supplied by Training Systems Australia. Similarly schools, universities, TAFE and polytechnics in both Australia and New Zealand have installed teaching equipment and systems from Training Systems Australia covering electro technologies, robotics, advanced manufacturing, fluid power, refrigeration, automation, communications, CNC and much much more.
Pullman Academic is a major supplier of teaching equipment for schools providing world-leading products from some of the world’s foremost developers. The Labdisc data logger continues to win major awards and accolades throughout the world for its innovative design and ease of use. Our scientific teaching equipment along with equipment covering mechanics, electronics, engineering, robotics, hydraulics & pneumatics is designed to engage students by allowing them to safely experiment in a wide range of STEM subjects.
Driving Simulators from Eca Faros of France are considered to be the best of its kind and are in use in many of Europe’s leading driving schools and academies.